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Susyfluffy's review: PINKICON - CONTAC LENSES: Venus Eyes Hazel 1 Day☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Hey there! It's been ages since I last posted something, right? 
I'm so sorry but I've been suuuuper busy with my last year of high school _| ̄|○

Aaaaaanyway, a while back, Pinkicon very nicely agreed to sponsor me some lenses! ❤️ 
We had some problems with the shipping at first (not their fault) but Katherine, the person I was in contact with, was very understanding so I finally got them 3 week later. 

I got 2 pairs of lenses, but for now I'll be reviewing the first pair: 

NUDE HAZEL 1 DAY by Venus Eyes

Links: Lenses and Shop

It was my fisrt time trying lenses from this brand, but I fell in love with them at first sight. The boxing is really pretty and handy, and it's really easy to open (what I thank a lot since I'm really clumpy and butterfingered lol).

I think the design is really pretty! (*❤️-❤️*)

With natural lighting during a cloudy evening 

With artificial warm lighting 


I really hate taking pictures with flash tbqh (-。-; ) so I only took one (I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME)

And finally some pics I took on a tablet ~ 


Lately I've been more into the "natural look" so I prefer wearing smaller lenses like these, they do make your eyer bigger (all circle lenses do, duh!), but not extremely big. They're more like ulzzang lenses than gyaru lenses if you know what I mean ( ̄▽ ̄) 

At first I was kinda skeptical with the colour... I thought it wouldn't make any appreciable difference but I'm glad I was wrong! I actually like it haha! It's greenish but not an obvious artificial green (?) as you can see. 

Since they are daily lenses, they are softer than those that last a year. I hate glasses so I always wear lenses as long as I can and I didn't have any problems wearing these +12 h. It's obviously not recommendable using contacts for more than 8-9 h but meh. You shouldn't do it though! I'm just this hardcore (?) Haha 

I'm a extremely lazy person and somedays I just find it really hard going to the bathroom and taking my lenses of lol (Yes, I'm THAT lazy) so I love disposable contacts, you can just take them of and throw them away. 

The only drawback is that you only get 20 lenses/10 pairs (If you have different power like me, 40 lenses/20 pairs) so it gets pretty expensive if you want to were them on a daily basis. Other that that, I love them. 

Lens rate:

Colour ★★★★★
Enlargement ★★★☆☆☆
Comfort ★★★★★★

Shop rate:

Customer service ★★★★★★
Shipping ★★★★☆☆
Price ★★★★☆
Catalogue ★★★★★★

Lately there's been people stealing my pictures so I decided to watermark them all from now on but... It's too tiresome hahaha I only watermarked one as you can see ~ σ(^_^;)

With love

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


If you didn’t know, I got a pair of Circle Lenses to review from Solution Lens!

「This is going to be my first bilingual post」

I found this online shop while looking for cute and cheap circle lenses on Google. When I first sent them an email, I wasn’t expecting them to reply that same day, but they did and very nicely agreed to sponsor me. 

Encontré esta tienda mientras buscaba circle lenses bonitas y baratas por Google. La primera vez que les envié un email, no esperaba que me respondiesen ese mismo día, pero lo hicieron y amablemente aceptaron ser mis sponsors. 

I think their costumer service is one of the best I've seen so far, really. They were very polite and always replied before 24 h.

Creo que en cuenta a atención al cliente, son una de las mejores páginas con las que he tratado hasta ahora, en serio. Son muy educados y siempre responder los correos antes de 24 h.

After giving them my personal information and completing their requests, the package arrived 2/3 weeks later. Keep it in mind that the shipping was from Thailand to Spain, so it was pretty fast from Asia to Europe.

Después de darles mi información personal (nombre, dirección, etc) y completando algunos de sus requisitos y exigencias, las lentillas llegaron más o menos 2/3 semanas después. Tened en cuenta que el envio fue de Tailandia a España, así que fue bastante rápido para ser de Asia a Europa.

There were little cute stickers on the package around my name and direction and I just found it too cute. I like feeling that they are personally taking care of my orders, and they did gave me that feeling, so it was +1 ❤️

Había pequeñas pegatinas en el paquete al rededor de la etiqueta donde estaba mi nombre y dirección y me perece adorable. Me gusta sentir que se están encargando personalmente de mis pedidos, revisando que todo esté en orden y que de alguna forma sea un trato personal para cada uno; esta tienda me hizo sentir de ese modo, así que ya tienen +1 ❤️ 

There were two layers of bubble wrap around the little wicker box and the pen and another layer of bubble wrap around each viral, so the lenses and everything arrived perfectly safe.

La cajita de mimbre en la que estaban las lentillas y el boli de regalo estaban envueltos en dos capas de plástico de burbujitas, y cada frasco con lentillas envueltos a su vez en otra capa así que todo llegó en perfecto estado.

Here is a little unboxing of everything they sent me: a wicker box, cute earrings, a pair of violet circle lenses, a lens case and a cute pen.

Un pequeño unboxing de todo lo que me enviaron: una cajita de mimbre, un par de lentillas lilas, una caja de lentillas, que porcierto hacen juego, y un adorable boli.

And finally, THE LENSES! I’m sorry, I like taking pictures of everything _| ̄|○

Y por fin, LAS LENTILLAS! Lo siento, me gusta hacerle fotos a todo _| ̄|○

I was preparing a LSP cosplay so they were just perfect for me since I was looking for some pretty violet/purple lenses. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Estaba preparando el cosplay de PEB así que estas lentillas eran perfectas para mí pues justo estaba pensando en cogerme lentillas moradas.ヽ(;▽;)ノ

This is how they look with different lightings and eyelids. I was trying my cosplay makeup, and I think these lenses look nice for costumes or cosplays.

Así es cómo se ven con distinta iluminación y distintos párpados. Justo estaba probando el maquillaje para el cosplay, y creo qje estas lentillas están bastante bien para algún cosplay o disfraz. 


I also wore them with a casual, daily brown makeup, as you can see. Depending on the lightning they look blueish or gray, so you can also wear them with a "natural" look. 

También las llevé con un maquillaje más sencillo y diario en tonos marrones como podéis ver. Dependiendo de la luz parecen azuladas o grises, así que también se pueden llevar en el día a día con un look más natural. 

The enlargement effect is nice, since they are 14.5 mm, they make just nice dolly eyes. I personally don't like it, when the lenses are too big and fake. These ones are just the perfect size for me, since I always wear 14.5 - 14.8 mm lenses. 

El efecto agrandador está bien, pues son de 14.5 mm, así que hacen perfectamente el efecto de ojos de muñeca. Personal ente no me gusta cuando las lentillas son demasiado grandes y artificiales. Estas tienen el tamaño perfecto para mí, pues siempre suelo llevar lentillas de 14.5 - 14.8 mm. 

The colour isn’t too bright and look kind of natural… (I know, violet will never look natural, but you know what I mean…) 

El color no es demasiado intenso y parecen naturales... (Sí, lo sé, el lila nunca va a parecer natural, pero ya sabéis lo que quiero decir...)

I’ve always been irrationally scared of trying unnatural color contacts, and buying my grey lenses was a huge step for me, but I really like how violet eyes look on me.

Siempre le he tenido cierto recelo a llevar lentillas de un color no muy natural, y comprarme las lentillas grises ya fue un gran paso para mí, pero increiblemente me gusta cómo me quedan los ojos lilas. 

I was quite skeptical since I have always wear GEO Medical lenses, but Vassen have really surprised me. They are really soft and easy to wear. I only started tearing up after 8/9 h wearing them, but I kind of move them a bit and it was fine again. Perks of wearing lenses on a daily basis, you get used to them quite easily.

Era un poco escéptica con estas lentillas porque siempre he llevado de GEO Medical, pero Vassen me ha sorprendido gratamente. Son muy blandillas, finas y fáciles de llevar. Solo me empezaron a llorar un poco los ojos después de haberlas llevado unas 8/9 h, pero las moví un poco y dejaron de molestar. Las ventajas de llevar lentillas todos los días supongo, al final te acostumbras rápidamente a ellas.

My eyes are dark brown but since the inside ring (I don’t know what to call it ok) of the lenses are brown, there is not too much contrast, they blend and look pretty good. 

Mis ojos son marrones oscuros pero como el halo interior de la lentilla es marrón, no hay un contraste demasiado marcado, el color se funde con el de mis ojos y quedan bastante bien.

The problem with these lenses is that the colour's not too… Opaque. I mean, you can see the white part of your eyes through them, that makes your eyes look more “Pastel” though, and the flower design is kinda pixeled if you look closely, so like I said, they are for a cute but natural look, and not too bright.

El problema con estas lentillas es que no son muy... Opaca. Quiero decir, puedes ver claramente el blanco de mis ojos a través de ellas, aunque eso le da un color más pastel a los ojos, y el dibujo floral de fuera está un poco pixelado si lo miras desde cerca, así que como he dicho, son recomendables para un efecto natural y no demasiado intenso.

Lens rate/Puntiación de las lentillas:

Colour/Color ★★★★☆☆
Enlargement/Agrandamiento ★★★★★★
Comfort/Comodidad ★★★★★☆

Shop rate/Puntuación de la tienda:

Customer service/Servicio al cliente ★★★★★★
Shipping/Envío ★★★★★★
Price/Precio ★★★★★☆
Catalogue/Catálogo ★★★★★☆

What I like about Solution Lens is that their website is extremely easy to browse though.

Lo que realmente me gusta de Solution Lens es que su página web es extremadamente fácil de usar.

In the homepage you can just look for the color or band you want, and on the sidebar, each brand is also divided in subcategories.

En la página principal puedes buscar directamente por el color o marca que quieres y en la barra lateral, cada marca de lentillas estás a su vez divididas en los distintos diseños que hay. 

While looking around I found these lenses and felt in love, maybe I’ll get them next ?

Mientras buscaba por la página encontré estas lentillas y me enamoré, a lo mejor serán las próximas que me coja...

Some questions from Solution Lenses/Preguntas propuestas por Solution Lens

- What is the natural color of your eyes and style/Cuál es el color natural de tus ojos y de qué estilo?

I have typical dark brown hooded eyelid asian eyes OTL

Tengo los típicos ojos marrones oscuros asiáticos OTL

- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands/Cuáles son tus colores y marcas de lentillas favoritas?

I personally like gray contact lenses and the brand I like the most I would have to say... GEO Medical.

Personalmente me gustan las lentillas grises y diría que la marca que me gustá más es... GEO Medical.

- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands)/Sueles llevar lentillas (Qué marcas)?

I do. Actually, I wear them on a daily basis and of course, I always wear GEO Medical lenses.

Sí, en realidad llevo lentillas todos los días y obviamente, siempre llevo lentillas de GEO Medical.

- Where did you find our store/Dónde encontraste nuestra tienda?

I found Solution Lens while looking for cute circle lenses online, online shops and such.

Encontré Solution Lens mientras buscaba lentillas y tiendas online.

- What contact lenses do you like on our store/Qué lentillas te gustan de nuestra tienda?

I just posted a blue circle lens I liked and I would like to get next above.

Acabo de poner arriba unas lentillas azules que me gustan y me gustaría comprar.

- Is our website easy to visit/browse/Es nuestra página web fácil de usar?

Yes, I really like the website's design, it's pretty intuitive and easy to browse. If you already know the colour/size/brand you like, just search by colours, brands, etc... You can see it by yourself in

Sí, me gusta bastante el diseño de la página, es fácil de usar y todo es bastante intuitivo. Si ya tienes pensado el color/tamaño/marca que quieres, simplemente busca por colores, marcas, etc... Puedes verlo por ti mismo en

- Is our customer service good/quick/Es nuestro servicio de atención al cliente bueno/rápido?

Yes, absolutely. Like I said, they are very polite and answer emails in less than 24 h. If you have any enquiry, just let them know and they'll try to help you.

Sí, totalmente. Como ya he dicho, son muy educados y contestan los correos en menos de 24 h. Si tienes alguna pregunta o problema, simplemente díselo y tratarán de ayudarte

- What do you think about lens color/Qué piensas del color de las lentillas?

They are light pastel violet and look cute. I was expecting a brighter shade of violet/purple but I was pleasantly surprised. They are really pretty and you can wear then even with a natural, daily look.

Son lila pastel y quedan bastante bien. Me esperaba un tono de lila/morado más intenso cuando las vi en el frasco, pero me sorprendieron gratamente. Son muy bonitas y puedes llevarlas incluso con un look diario y natural. 

- What do you think about lens comfort/Qué piensas sobre la comodidad de las lentillas?

They are quite comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing them once. I wouldn't recommend you wearing them more than 8 h though, since they'd get dry and hurt your eyes.

Son bastante cómodas, una vez casi se me olvida que las estaba llevando, lol. Aunque mo recomentaría llevarlas más de 8 h pues se empiezan a secar y pueden hacerte daño en los ojos.

- What do you think about lens enlargement/Qué piensas sobre el efecto agrandante de las lentillas?

The size is just perfect. At least for me. I don't like 15 mm or more lenses, the effect is too fake and artificial. 14.5 - 14.8 mm are the perfect size, since they give you big eyes but without looking like a diabolic doll. (lol)

Son del tamaño perfecto. Al menos para mí. No me gustan las lentillas de 15 mm o más, queda un efecto muy artificial. Entre 14.5 - 14.8 mm es el tamaño perfecto, ya que te hacen ojos grandes pero sin parecer una muñeca diabólica lol.

- What is your overall opinion about the lenses/Cuál es tu opinión en general de las lentillas? 

I like them. The colour is pretty, the size is great, but I don't like that pixeled effect although you can only see it if you look closely.

Me gustan. El color es bonito, el tamaño adecuado, pero personalmente no me gusta el efecto pixelado, aunque solo te des cuenta si mirar desde cerca.

- What is your overall opinion about our store/Cuál es tu opinión en general de la tienda?

I think Solution Lens is one of the best Online Lenses Stores, their costumer service is perfect, they have free and fast shipping, gifts and lens case with every purchase and a huge catalogue of lenses. Obviously, I'll keep getting lenses from them! ❤️

Creo que Solution Lens es una de las mejores tiendas de lentillas online, aunque se conozca poco. Su atención al cliente es extremadamente bueno, el envío es gratis y rápido, te dan regalos y cajas de lentillas con cada compra y tienen un gran catálogo de lentillas donde elegir. Obviamente voy a seguir cogiéndome lentillas aquí! ❤️ 

By the way, you can always enter their lenses give away for a free pair of lenses! CLICK ME

With love

Have a nice day! ❤️

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Susyfluffy's review: GEO SUPER NUDY GREY CIRCLE LENSES(^O^☆♪

Hi there! It's been a while and I've comeback with a little circle lens review!



Diameter: 14.8 mm
Brand: GEO Medical
Water content: 38 - 42 % 
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Life time: 1 year

I got these round half a year ago and I wasn't going to review these lenses, but since a lot of people have been asking me about them, here is it.

With lenses and make up vs No lenses and just BB Cream 

As is stated above, they have a 14.8 mm diameter, but you can also find a 14.2 mm version, the GEO Nudy Grey. I love having big eyes, but still looking natural, that's why I got these. I had always worn brown lenses since my eyes are dark brown and I didn't know how different colors would look on my eyes. Maybe too fake and artificial... Maybe they won't look as good with my dark eyes... Maybe maybe... 

All my worries were gone when I got this pair of lenses.

With different lighting 

They make my eyes big and beautiful. People know that my eyes are obviously not that colour, but they still make it kinda natural. The first time I wore them I felt weird, I wasn't used to having grey eyes but after using them a couple times, I loved them.

One of the many things I like about these lenses, and GEO Medical's lenses in general, is that they're really comfortable. They are really thin and soft, therefore you don't really fell you're wearing lenses. 

I wear lenses on a daily basis, so I can be wearing them all day long, sometimes even from 8 to 12 h. I haven't feel uncomfortable with them before 9 - 10 h, when they started to dry. Which is great, because some lenses I had to take them off after 6 h since my eyes were hurting. 

The colour blend really good with my brown eyes and the result are lovely natural dark gray eyes, but sometimes depending on the lighting they kinda look blueish grey...

In conclusion: 

Comfort: ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★☆
Color: ★★★★☆☆
General rate: ★★★★★