Friday, 31 January 2014

Colourful Hair Invisible Fears : Introduction

Hi there!

I'm Susie and I'm sixteen years old. 
I was born a rainy 12th June 1997, in a small city at the north of Spain called Avilés, although a few months later I moved to Zaragoza, where I have lived since then. 

I'm a High School student, currently a Junior, and a future engineer (I hope). 

I love drawing and skateboarding and this blog is going to be about my daily life, my thoughts and the things I like, basically. 

Some of my biggest obsesions are things related to Asia. From fashion, style and cosmetics, to mangas and anime, music and food.  

I also have a little obsesion with cute moustaches, kittens Adventure Time, Pusheen, and Rilakkuma, but...
How can I not? 

All the things I like in one picture.

I guess I should warn you that I'm a Selfie Addict... I can't help it! I love my Photo-Editting skills and I like looking good even if is just on pictures (Because I'm not pretty in reality, even if I'm not that good looking in photos either). 

I'll do some asian cosmetics reviews after I have finished my exams (High School sucks, nothing new) in like... 3/4 weeks, so keep and eye on and be sure you don't miss it! 

With love 

Thursday, 30 January 2014




With love