Sunday, 2 February 2014

Best Way to Start February

Hi there!

February has finally come and with it, a month full of exams, tests and projects. 

Which is the best way to start it? 

Having a relaxing saturday after a dreadful week hanging out with friends, going shopping, taking a stroll round town or just all of this with good company. And thats exactly what I did today. 

So I hadn't seen my male bestfriend for ages. It's hard to make plans when you go to different schools, live pretty far from each other and one of you went out of town during the winter vacation... But we finally hung out today! (Yay! ヽ(;▽;)ノ) 

As soon as I went out on the streets, it started to rain so you can imagine how I got to the meeting place... Totally wet and cold. We decided to go to a coffee shop and have something untill the rain eased off. 

We went to a Loops & Coffee and ordered some milkshakes and doughnuts. He got a Cookies doughnut and a Oreo milkshake (which tastes heavenly), and I got the classic chocolate milkshake and a Black & White doughnut. It was really delicious (I should get sponsored lol). 

Just like the good asian girl I am, I took some selfies while we were there chilling. 

We went for a stroll and end up in a FNAC where we looked up series and movies DVDs, music albums and books. He got his favourite My Chemical Romance album since it was on sale and I FINALLY bought my copy of Invisible Monsters. They didn't have the hardcover edition though. 

I just love it. You can't compare an ePub to an actually printed copy of the novel. 

Well, after that we strolled around and kept smelling the aroma of roasted chestnuts... You can imagine what happened. Yes, more food. We are fatasses and proud of it.

Since it was getting cold, reminding us that it's still winter, we entered the Tiger shop. I LOVE Tiger, if I could, I would buy everything they sell, but I think Jaime got tired of me wanting everything and wanted to leave as soon as posible. I somehow understand him, I can get annoying when going shopping... (If you're reading this by any chance, I'm sorry)

Anyway, I bought a moustache mug and moustache glasses! 

Aren't they lovely? And they were super cheap! 

Mug: 2 € 
Glasses: 1 €/2 units

So just end this post saying that it was a lovely evening and all thanks to Jaime S2 
You can't imagine how much I have missed you! Love u 

With love 

Ps: I have ended writing this pretty late and I couldn't miss... some late night snacks, of course! 

My mom made punkin pancakes! They are soooo tasty ~